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I paid a ticket and became a Habitual Traffic Offender, my license is now suspended for 5 years. What can be done?

Many people become habitual traffic offenders by accident. Often, people receive a notice from the DMV telling them that their license will be suspended if they do not pay their past-due driving with a suspended license (DWLS) ticket. People pay the tickets to avoid the license suspension and they then learn that they will become a habitual traffic offender subject to a 5 year driver's license suspension. They are shocked to learn that by paying this latest (DWLS) ticket, they were convicted of their "3rd strike" within 5 years and are now habitual traffic offenders. No one tells them that by paying this ticket they will lose their license for 5 years. They have to learn the hard way, after the fact.

The best way to avoid becoming a habitual traffic offender is to speak with a Brevard County Driver's License attorney in advance to avoid this result in the first place. But if it is too late, it is still wise to speak to an attorney because the attorney may be able to undo this suspension by filing the right motions with the Court.

Jason Hicks handles HTO cases on a routine basis and has had great success in cancelling out this 5 year suspension for many people. Call Jason Hicks for a free consultation to see if your driving privileges can be restored.


When choosing whether or not to hire an attorney to help you defend against a criminal traffic offense, such as driving while license suspended, cancelled, or revoked, it is important to understand that Florida law deals harshly with those who have multiple convictions for these offenses, such as:


• Driving with a suspended license

• Manslaughter by motor vehicle

• Use of a vehicle in the commission of certain crimes

• Failing to stop and render aid (non-criminal) or leaving the scene of an accident (criminal)

Three convictions in five years for any of these offenses can lead to you being charged as a "habitual traffic offender" (also known as HTO). Those labeled HTO will have their license suspended for a period of 5 years. Those with a 5 year suspension can get caught up in the "snowball" of the system and find it very difficult to get out. If you drive as a habitual traffic offender, you can face felony criminal charges and incarceration in state prison, rather than county jail. It is vitally important to contact an attorney who can explain the law and help you fight a suspended driver's license accusation to avoid the consequences that come with it.